When does on a day to day change your life?

So I live in Bandung…..

l am living in Bandung ..."the Paris van java" , located in a cool neighborhood - close to cafes, renowned restaurants, shopping mall 15 minutes from the city center
Well, my country’s got a population of almost 250 million, and these people have come from many custom. My country has a lot of mountains, and there are also lots of rivers, lakes, and islands. One of the most islands is famous all over the world, of course… Bali Island!! People come to my country to visit Bali.
We have big, cosmopolitan cities, but a lot of people live on farms, ranches, and in small towns. Bandung is a small town. In June the weather is wonderful. It’s the most perfect time of year, it doesn’t often rain, not too hot, not too cold, but the temperature can change a lot in just one day. It can go from quite chilly to very warm, so you should perhaps bring a jacket but you don’t need any thick clothes. Bandung is the most populated city in my country and there are lots of things to see and do there. We have very old, historic building. We are very proud of our history, with Parahyangan and the legend of Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

This mountain is actually a volcano. Tangkuban Perahu mountain, its shape resembles an upturned boat.

Name Tangkuban Perahu, very closely with the legendary land of the most famous Sundanese, which is Sangkuriang. Tangkuban Perahu, which from a distance looked like a boat upside down, allegedly caused by the power of Sangkuriang that failed to complete its task in making an overnight boat to marry Dayang Sumbi who is she in fact his own mother. Because so upset it could not complete the boat, the boat finally Sangkuriang kicked it unfinished. The legend that is the close connection in the naming Tangkuban Perahu mountain.

You don’t need a lot of money to enjoy tour holiday. There are lots of good cheap hotels and restaurants, and of course you must visit the Factory outlets which are selling all sort of branded clothes, bags, and shoes for export. And also you must visit the markets. You can buy all kinds of pottery and things quite cheaply, and don’t forget our wonderful fruit and vegetables. You should try Durians, which are a kind of popular fruit tasted very sweet and exotic smell and our brownies is very good.

The best place to try local food is in the city center. You should try Timbel which are made of rice covered banana leaves and Ayam goreng Kremes which are chicken fries mixed with herb, it’s fried until it’s crispy- mmm! They’re both delicious, especially if you add sambal terasi .

One of the nicest things to drink is tea, ice tea. It’s especially good if the weather is very hot. It’s really refreshing.

I suppose many people are not really thrilled about where they are living. These people I speak of are those that are always reminding me how great it is somewhere other than where I am living! They are always telling me how ridiculous the traffic are in Bandung! They also point out that we have a high unemployment rate. Then they seem to go on and on about things that I never even involved in. I am not in denial of things in my surroundings, I just rather take it like I see it…on a day to day basis. I am sure that there are lots of other places I can go where I may be able to put more money into my saving box…. instead of the city where I am living!

I have been in Bandung since the 90’s. I was born in Jakarta. I am always being pointed out how another country is so much prettier than mine. Bandung does not even have a change of season! Just rain and sunny, I am fine with that. I love Bandung although has many different cities that offer many different charms! So, I will stay forever now. Maybe I will look into moving in a few years, or maybe not! I feel better just writing out my thoughts.
I really want to meet people from all over the world, and see how different people live their lives. I want to travel abroad and enjoy life. I always was wondering and discovering the world and people.

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